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Top Brands at the Asian Grocery Store

Asian grocers throughout Australia offer up an exciting and diverse range of products, flavours and options, but there are some beloved choices that should form part of every store’s product base. These are some of the top brands every Asian grocery store should be stocking.

Amoy sauces

Amoy produces an incredible range of quality condiments, sauces, oils, marinades and more, from simple soy sauce to bases for mouth-watering dishes. The brand has become a recognisable staple at many supermarkets and small grocers around the country, so if you’re not stocking Amoy sauces and products you could be missing out on valuable opportunities to meet your customers’ needs.

Mama noodles

Who doesn’t love Mama noodles? They’re an ideal fast-selling convenience product and prove very popular in corner delis, supermarkets and Asian grocers alike. The Thai brand is well known and sought out, from its vermicelli noodle packets to its instant noodles soups. Stock just a few flavours or the entire range of flavoured noodles – they’re sure to be appreciated in store.

Tsingtao beer

This popular brew is produced by China’s second largest brewery and is the most famous beer of the country. It’s a hoppy, European-style beer that makes the ideal accompaniment to Chinese and other Asian dishes. The product has a loyal following here in Australia, so if you’re stocking it you should see plenty of interest.

Bee the Best Manuka honey

Manuka honey is known to have multiple benefits for health and wellbeing including its antibacterial properties. Bee the Best is a Singapore-based brand that sources its Manuka honey from the lush islands of New Zealand and supplies it around the world through its distributors. Their honey is available in jars and convenient travel packs and their branding is modern, practically guaranteeing that the products will fly off your shelves.

SunRice rice

As far as staple foods go, SunRice is one of the basics that should be stocked in every grocery store and supermarket. Australians of all backgrounds have come to know and love the locally-based brand for their rice range, from brown rice to jasmine rice, which is sold in over 60 countries around the globe. Customers will recognise the label so it’s one of the top brands to keep in store at all times.

If you have questions about stocking any of our products or brands, the Ettason team is always here and happy to help.

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