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The Many Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

We’ve all heard that tea can be good for you. In fact, people all over the globe have been ditching their coffee over the last few years and turning to all sorts of types of tea for a more natural boost. Tea however has long been recognised in Asian countries for its numerous benefits and products like Vita Tea are a staple part of many diets.

What are the actual health benefits of drinking tea?

Despite the caffeine (which has a diuretic affect on the body), tea provides hydration due to the water content. Whether you drink it hot or cold, a few cups of drinks like Vita Tea or Vita Lemon Tea will count towards the recommended 2 Litres of water you should drink per day.

The benefits of staying hydrated are numerous. Some studies have shown that it could boost energy levels and brain function, help with constipation, boost your metabolism, aid weight loss and help reduce skin inflammation amongst many other things.

It Could Help Prevent Cancer
Of course, tea is not a miracle cure to cancer but black tea and green tea do both contain chemicals which have antioxidant activity which could help prevent and fight cancer. Some scientists believe these chemicals can protect cells from DNA damage and some studies show that green tea activates detoxification enzymes that can help fight tumour growth.

Reduce The Risk of Heart Attacks
Drinking green tea regularly could help reduce your risk of a heart attack and other cardiovascular illnesses. Some studies suggest that aromatic tea could lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides levels which are often linked to heart disease and stroke.

How To Get The Best From Your Tea

Like everything – moderation is key. Although there are endless benefits to drinking various types of teas, including the above, it is not wise to drink any type of tea in enormous quantities. Excessive amount of anything (even water) can be damaging to your health. To get the best out of your tea, be sure to enjoy its delicious taste and health benefits in moderation.

Be Cool
Some studies show that drinking tea when it is too hot can lead to cancer of the esophagus. These studies believe that drinking a beverage above a certain temperature has a scalding effect on the esophagus (the muscular tube that connects your mouth and throat to your stomach) which can lead to cancer. Scientists are still debating this but err on the side of caution and let your tea cool down a little before you drink it. This will also allow a more pleasant drinking experience.

Watch Your Sugar Intake
Some pre-made tea drinks contain a deceptive amount of sugar. Whilst sugar from natural sources such as fruit is fine in moderation, try and avoid consuming it in your drinks. Try the Vita Green Tea No Sugar for a sugar-free antioxidant boost with great taste!

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