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Five Simple Ways to Increase Store Traffic

There’s always the potential for greater traffic in your store, and sometimes it can be simple improvements that make all the difference. Here are our top five fast and easy tips to encourage more shoppers and increase purchases within food stores and supermarkets.

  1. Run in-store promotions
    In-store promotions are widely used to drive traffic in store because shoppers generally love great value and experiencing new products. If you take advantage of wholesale discounts, why not pass these onto your customers as an incentive to visit more often? You could promote a new product range, offer free samples or offer a discount on a food category for a limited time to build excitement.
  2. Position products with care
    We all know that the location of products has a significant impact on how they will sell. Try positioning items that are used together to encourage multiple purchases, such as all sushi products, or seasonal products that are enjoyed at a specific time of year. If you have a store window or display area, why not tie products together in a story that inspires your customers? For example, you could focus on Thai cuisine one week, and Vietnamese cuisine the next.
  3. Focus on signage and visual elements
    Visual language is often underestimated within store exteriors and interiors, yet for most people shopping is a very visual experience. Make sure your store signage is colourful and visible, particularly if you are located in a high traffic area. This is an excellent opportunity to promote any in-store promotions or sales you may be running. Ensure the store interior is clean and bright, and take care to display fresh produce beautifully by stacking or placing in baskets or pots.
  4. Place staples close to the rear of the store
    This is a method commonly used by the large supermarkets. If there is a product that many shoppers buy, such as rice or bulk items, locate these well within the store to increase the time and attention spent in-store by your customers, and encourage them to take a good look around.
  5. Share recipes
    Shoppers are always looking for meal inspirations. If you have the world’s best collection of family recipes using the products you stock, it’s a great idea to share these in store. You could print them up with a simple design, create branded flyers to be displayed near the products or even produce your own recipe book. The more your store name is seen on fridge doors and in recipe files, the better business could be.
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