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Choosing the Right Distributor

There are a number of Asian food distributors within the Australian and New Zealand markets, however they are not all equally committed to quality, reliability and promotion. Here are some of the most important things you should consider before working with a distributor within these markets.

Check for quality assurance
A distributor’s commitment to quality assurance not only reinforces your own brand quality, but also puts your brand in association with others that are considered to be of a high standard. Ettason has a dedicated HACCP team which ensures that all products are sourced from approved suppliers and that its own systems are of an international standard.

Ensure that their supply chain can keep up with demand
The ideal distributor will have the warehousing and logistics processes to supply your products to those that require them within fast turnarounds. Ettason offers 24-48 hour delivery turnarounds, thanks to a fleet of 45 trucks throughout Australia and New Zealand and use of primary freight.

Ask about their networks and partnerships
Search for a distributor who can offer the networks and services that your manufacturing operations may not have access to. Ettason, for example, is in partnership with Indonesia’s largest company Salim Group, and this network provides a vast range of benefits to its clients.

Look at their existing portfolio
If you are looking for a distributor who will successfully market and supply your brand and products, consider the brands they already supply to the market. Are these brands successful with a large market share? Are they marketed effectively? If they are, it’s likely that your brand will be supported well by the distributor.

Consider how they market and promote
Any distributor worth their salt will be promoting new and exciting products and offering incentives to businesses, including wholesale discounts. Look for a company that actively pursues new business for the products they distribute, rather than wait for orders to come in.

If you have any questions, contact the team at Ettason. We would be delighted to provide further information on any of these points.

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