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Building brands without compromising quality in The Asian Wholesale Food Market

Customers are demanding. They expect quality products at low prices along with consistent and reliable service. Despite the obvious geographical challenges, customers across Australia and New Zealand expect to be able to find their favourite Asian food brands and products in their local shops. That’s why using the right Asian food supplier is paramount to building your brand.

So what should you expect from your Asian wholesale food provider and how does this help build your brand?

Brand Diversity
Customers want options. They want to be able to choose between a range of high quality products as well as purchase trusted brands that they already love. That’s why Ettason stocks, distributes and delivers over 3,000 product types across 45 different brands, ensuring that your customers can get exactly what they want from your store.

We stock 45 well-respected and much loved Asian food brands. We also take food safety and quality very seriously and our accredited HACCP program is designed to ensure that our food management systems are up to scratch and in line with international standards.

All of our warehouses are HACCP approved and we have an entire team dedicated to ensuring that our approved suppliers comply with strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Reliability & Consistency
Customers like using brands they know and love and if they can’t find that particular product they usually buy from your store, they are likely to go elsewhere. That’s why you need to make sure that your shelves are always stocked with the products most relevant and important to your customers.

Ettason has warehouses in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland. We have a fleet of 45 trucks which includes 20 in NSW, 11 in Victoria, 8 in Queensland, 5 in Western Australia and 1 in New Zealand. Alongside our own fleets and operations, we have strategic partnerships with freight companies across every state to ensure quick and effective delivery no matter what.

Our strategically located distribution centres and delivery teams allow us to achieve a 24-48 hour delivery turnaround. This means that no matter where you are based, we can keep you fully stocked with the brands and products that you and your customers need.

As with any commodity, customers prioritise value for money when it comes to Asian food. In order to be able to provide your customers with affordable products, you need an affordable Asian wholesale food supplier. We work closely with our clients to provide an economical, affordable and reliable service.

Find out more on how we can assist you in building a reliable, high quality brand. Get a quote from our experts today.

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