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5 Mouth-Watering Chinese Cuisines You Can Cook Straight From Your Kitchen

Chinese cuisine is a blend of warm colours, sweet-smelling aroma and rich flavours incorporated together using the best culinary instruments. It’s traditional for recipes to be handed down from generation to generation, bringing the flavours of China to countries all over the world.

So what are the best Chinese cuisines you can try at home?

Hot Pot

Hot Pot is a flavourful broth you mix with meat and vegetable cuts. Traditionally at restaurants, this Chinese cuisine has a choice of mushroom, tomato, original or spicy broth in a boiling pot with the veggies and meat on the side. Hot Pot is also shared among peers and family in one table. Most Hot Pot ingredients include fresh seafood such as oyster, shrimp, lobster and squid. Meats like chicken, liver and tripe are also added along with classic greens such as bokchoy which is a native vegetable to China. Vegetables like tomatoes, frozen balls(QQ Steamboat Choice), squash, mushrooms and winter melon are also added to the Hot Pot and topped off with Osha hot pot noodles, udon or rice noodles. The main ingredient to this recipe that gives it its burst of Asian flavours is the dipping sauce. Oriental sauces like mixing the Amoy Light Soy sauce, Amoy Oyster Sauce and Amoy Sesame Oil together to make a great condiment for any kind of Hot Pot recipe. It’s an all-around sauce perfect as a soup base.


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Dumplings are great appetizers, these bite-sized bundles are filled with meat and chopped vegetables and wrapped in a thin dough. Dumplings are native to North China and considered a 1000-year-old dish. It is traditionally prepared by steaming, boiling, or frying and is a popular dish in eve of the Chinese New Year. The dough is made from wheat flour while the filling consists of Chinese cabbage, eggs, onion, ginger, and ground pork. Pair this delightful recipe with Knorr Liquid Seasoning for a sweet and slightly salt flavour.



Peking Roasted Duck

The Peking Roasted Duck is one of China’s national dishes known for its savoury taste and crunchy skin. Originating in Beijing, Peking duck is served with mashed garlic, soy, fresh cucumber, shallot, sweet bean sauce and often with pancakes. Complete your Peking Roasted Duck experience at home with the Amoy Hoisin Sauce which is a sweet soy-based all-purpose sauce richly blended with herbs and spices. Its aromatic flavour and savoury sweet taste with full-bodied colour give the Peking duck its unique texture and mouth-watering presentation.

Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken is a Sichuan-style Chinese cuisine made with diced chicken, fried peanuts, and dried chili. Western countries have adapted this dish and called it “Western-style gong bao chicken” with the chicken covered in sweet and sour sauce, vegetables, and corn starch. Amoy Light Soy Sauce and Knorr Chilli Liquid Seasoning can add a kick of spicy and sweet tastes to this delicious recipe.

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Chow Mein

Chow Mein is a variety of wheat noodle that is crispier and stir-fried along with other vegetables and condiments. The meat used for Chow Mein is shrimp, beef, and chicken. This Chinese cuisine also uses celery, green onions, and ginger. You can also add green vegetables such as bokchoy to this Asian dish. The best marinade sauce for Chow Mein would be the Amoy Oyster Sauce.



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