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5 Famous Asian Noodle Types for Your Oriental Cravings

Miss Asian noodles? With the travel restrictions because of the pandemic, it might take longer for us to taste authentic Asian noodles. Luckily, we can help you make one at home. With a variety of Asian noodles in the market, it’s important to choose the right one to customise it to your preferred flavour. The taste will also depend on the type of Asian noodles you use. There are about 11 types of Asian noodles types in the market which could come in dried and fresh forms, but we’ll tackle the popular ones. Dried noodles usually take longer to cook but they come with cooking instructions and its seasoning so there’s no need to add more ingredients and get it to taste similar to those Japanese or Chinese noodles at Asian restaurants.

5 Types of Asian Noodles and How to Cook Them

Rice Noodles

Rice noodles are a staple in Southeast Asian countries. Known for its springy and firm texture and thin size, this type of Asian noodle easily absorbs water and sauces, making it a good side dish for vegetables and meats. Famous recipes paired with rice noodles include buttered chicken with crispy fried noodles and Pad Thai. Vietnamese Pho is also a popular noodle dish that uses rice sticks. Rice noodles are parboiled and stir-fried and can be a good addition to broths.

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Wheat Noodles

Wheat noodles are commonly used as part of dishes and are made from wheat and eggs similar to pastas. These are the most common types you can see in Asian supermarkets. Wheat noodles are usually thicker than pastas and have a spring-like consistency. Wheat Asian noodles types also come in two varieties: “Lo Mein” and “Chow Mein”. Lo Mein is softer while Chow Mein is crispier. Both varieties must be boiled before stir-frying them with meat and vegetables. You can also add a spicy kick to the stir-friend Asian noodles using Amoy Sichuan Spicy Noodle Sauce.

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Udon Noodles

Udon noodles are fat and chewy and originated from Japan. Its shape can be round, flat, square or shaped like a ribbon. This type of Asian noodles is created using wheat and are usually white in color. Other regions use potato starch or carrots for that rich orange colour. Dried Udon noodles are prepared by simmering it for 8 to 12 minutes depending on its thickness. The texture should not be too hard or mushy. You can check if it’s cooked by taking a strip of the noodle and tasting it. If it is chewy, it is ready. Few of the udon noodle recipes that go well with this Asian noodle include “hiyashi yamakake udon” made with Japanese mountain yam, “tempura udon” served with noodles and fried shrimp and “kitsune udon” which has fried tofu.

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Soba Noodles

Slightly thinner than udon, soba noodles is a type of Asian noodle that is made of both wheat and buckwheat flour. Some use only buckwheat flour which is a gluten-free option. It is firmer and holds well for those wanting to eat this type of noodle with chopsticks. It can be used as pasta and it is usually light to dark brown colour. This type of noodle can be served hot or cold depending on the dish. The best way to prepare soba noodles is to stir the noodles upon boiling to make sure the noodles are immersed in water. An estimate of 5 to 8 minutes is needed to boil the soba noodles but you can refer to the cooking instructions on the label for a more accurate cooking method. This type of Asian noodles is not to be confused with Somen noodles which are made from wheat. Soba noodles are usually paired with eggs and shrimp and drenched in soy sauce and vinegar.

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Ramen Noodles

These Japanese noodles take on a curly form. Ramen noodles are made from “Kansui” or alkaline salt used to regulate acidity in dough making. It is thinner than wheat noodles and is served along with broths. Miso is a popular dish served with ramen noodles. Careful not to overcook this type of Asian noodle as it tends to soften. About 2 minutes boiling time is ideal for ramen noodles after cooking the broth.

Glass Noodles

Glass noodles or referred by some as cellophane noodles are created with wheat, tapioca starch, rice or potato starch. Mung bean noodles are a glass noodle variety. This type of Asian noodles has a transparent appearance and is very thin and springy. Glass noodles are prepared by soaking it in cold water for 5 to 8 minutes and then cooked on top of a stove as part of a soup recipe.

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