Pork Jowl in Amoy Sauce for Spicy Eggplant (Sacue for Spicy Egg Plant Gold Label DSS Pure Black Sesame Oil) (1)

Spicy Chicken in Ma-Po Tofu Sauce (香辣麻婆雞)

Inspired by the flavours of Sichuan, Amoy’s Mapo Tofu sauce provides you with a mixture of spiciness and light kick to the palette. It is made from fermented salted soyabean, garlic, chili and canola oil, giving a nice aromatic experience. No added preservatives.


Skinless chicken thigh 225g, celery 140g (cut into pieces), Amoy Mapo Tofu Sauce 1 tbsp


Amoy Mapo Tofu Sauce 1 tbsp, corn starch 1 tsp


1. Cut chicken thigh into pieces. Mix it with marinade for 15 mins. Pan fry until done. dish up.
2. Heat the pan with 1 tbsp of oil. Briefly stir fry the celeries and sauté with 1 tbsp of Ma-Po Tofu Sauce. Add chicken and 1 tbsp of water. Stir fry until the sauce reduces.


去皮雞腿肉 225克、西芹 140克(切件)、淘大麻婆豆腐醬 1湯匙


淘大麻婆豆腐醬 1湯匙、粟粉 1茶匙


1. 雞腿肉切塊,加醃料拌勻醃15分鐘,煎熟盛起。
2. 燒熱1湯匙油,下西芹略炒,加入淘大麻婆豆腐醬1湯匙炒香,再放入雞肉及水1湯匙兜勻至收汁即可。

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