Pork Jowl in Amoy Sauce for Spicy Eggplant (Sacue for Spicy Egg Plant Gold Label DSS Pure Black Sesame Oil) (1)
Fried Rice Noodle with Belachan

Fried Rice Noodle with Belachan

Amoy’s Belachan Convenient Sauce is made from a shrimp paste, canola oil and top grade chilli. Belachan sauce is well known in Malaysia and is known to be pungent, salty, spicy and impactful- a small amount of this goes a long way! There are no added preservatives and flavour enhancers! 100% Made in Hong Kong.


Amoy Belachan 1 1/2 tbsp, Soaked Rice Noodle 250g, Fried egg 1 pc, Shredded Ham 1 pc, Bean Sprouts dash, Yellow Chives (cut in sections) dash


  1. Fry the Belachan and rice noodle with dash of oil.

Stir in the remaining ingredients until mix well.


Amoy Belachan

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