Pork Jowl in Amoy Sauce for Spicy Eggplant (Sacue for Spicy Egg Plant Gold Label DSS Pure Black Sesame Oil) (1)

Braised Meat Balls with Amoy Mapo Tofu Sauce (麻婆獅子球)

Inspired by the flavours of Sichuan, Amoy’s Mapo Tofu sauce provides you with a mixture of spiciness and light kick to the palette. It is made from fermented salted soyabean, garlic, chili and canola oil, giving a nice aromatic experience. No added preservatives.


Minced Pork 1lbs, Frozen Assorted Vegetable, 10 Beancurd Puff (Cut into pieces), Amoy Mapo Tofu Sauce 1pack 80g, 3 Water Chestnut (Diced), Hot Water 2/3 cup, Fried Shallot 2tbsp


Sugar 1tsp, Amoy Gold Label Light Soy Sauce 1tbsp, Corn Starch/ Potato Starch 1-2tsp, Milk or Water 2 tbsp


1. Mix the minced pork with water chestnut. fried shallot and marinade. Marinate for 15mins. Blanch the frozen assorted vegetable and beancurd puff. Drain well and set aside.
2. Heat the pan with 1 tbsp of oil under high heat, shape the mixture into ball and put into wok. Press the ball slightly and fry it until golden brown. Switch to medium heat and cook. Drain well and set aside.
3. Heat the pan with 1 tbsp of oil, add the frozen assorted vegetable and beancurd puff and stir fry. Add the meat ball, Amoy Mapo Tofu Sauce and hot water. Switch to medium heat, cover the lid and cook for 5 mins.


免治豬肉1磅 , 急凍雜豆1杯 ,豆腐卜350克切件 (1包, 約10粒), 淘大麻婆豆腐醬1包, 罐頭馬蹄片, 10片左右切粒, 熟 乾洋蔥2湯匙(非必要), 熱水 2/3杯


糖1茶匙, 淘大金標生抽1湯匙, 粟粉1-2 茶匙, 奶2湯匙, 大蛋1隻


1. 先將豬肉加入馬蹄片, 熟乾洋蔥和醃料攪勻, 醃15分鐘, 雜豆和 豆腐卜飛水1分鐘, 隔水備用,
2. 易潔鑊落1湯匙油用大火起鑊, 將豬肉扼成肉丸備用, 入鑊輕壓, 將肉丸煎至外表金黃, 轉中慢火, 將豬肉丸慢慢煎熟, 盛起隔油備用
3. 原鑊落1茶匙油中快火起鑊, 加入雜豆和豆腐卜炒1分鐘, 加入肉丸, 麻婆豆腐醬和熱水兜勻, 轉中火, 蓋頂炆5分鐘即可

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