Pork Jowl in Amoy Sauce for Spicy Eggplant (Sacue for Spicy Egg Plant Gold Label DSS Pure Black Sesame Oil) (1)

Braised Beef and Tofu with XO Sauce

Ingredients :

Frozen Sliced Beef 150g, 2 Firm Bean Curds, 2 Bunches Spring Onion (diced)

Seasoning :

Amoy Abalone XO Sauce 4 tsp, Amoy Oyster Sauce 1 tbsp, Amoy Light Soy Sauce 1 tbsp, Amoy Dark Soy Sauce 1 tsp, Water 4 tbsp, Sugar 1/6 tsp

Thickening :

Corn Starch 3/4 tsp, Water 1 tbsp

Method :

  1. Defrost sliced beef. Cut them into pieces.
  2. Cut bean curds into large cubes. Put bean curds in boiling water and cook for 1 1/2 minutes. Drain them well and set aside.
  3. Heat a wok with 1 tsp of oil. Stir-fry the beef pieces. Pour in the seasonings and bring it to a boil. Add bean curds and gently stir-fry for a while. Add the sauce and braise until it comes to a boil. Toss in diced spring onion and gently mix them well.
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