Vita Mini Block

Brand new giveaways! Build your favourite Vita mini blocks!

If you love Vita beverage, if you love Lego, don’t hesitate to participate in the Vita giveaways for this year! Open your blind balls and collect 6 various of mini blocks. Limited quantities, first come, first served!

  • Promotion period: 11st November – 31st December
  • Buy any two (6-pack) Vita or Vitasoy, get 1 mini block for free.
  • Available at Asian groceries
  • First come, first served
  • Participating regions: Australia & New Zealand

Follow our Instagram to get the store list ranging the blind boxes.


如果你喜歡堆樂高/積木,如果你是維他飲品的忠實粉絲,一定不能錯過6款經典維他及維他奶造型盲盒等你解鎖! 數量有限,先到先得哦!


  • 活動時間:11月11日-12月31日
  • 買任意兩款維他或維他奶飲品(六包装),即可獲得积木盲盒1個
  • 各大華超均有售,數量有限,先到先得,送完即止
  • 活動參與區域:澳洲及新西蘭

關注Ettason Instagram官方賬號,及時追踪可以搶到盲盒的華超名單 

*維他奶國際集團有限公司及林和成貿易公司 保留對活動條款的最終解釋權

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