Lucky draw

2022 Mei Xin Lucky Draw Details

Prize Details are as follows:

  • First prize: One (1) winner to win AU$8888 cash.
  • Second prize: Five (5) winners to win AU$888 cash per person.
  • Third prize: Ten (10) winners to win AU$688 cash per person.
  • Weekly prize: twenty-five (25) winners every week to win a $50 grocery retail e-voucher

How to Participate:

Lottery cards are sealed in the packaging tins of all HONG KONG MX MooncakesTM gift boxes (exclude twin pack, mini four, and single tins), with one card in each tin. To participate in the lucky draw event, customers need to purchase the Meixin Moon Cake (gift box) tins and receive the cards.

Participants from Australia and New Zealand must use a mobile phone to scan the QR code on the lottery card inside every Meixin mooncake gift box and enter the lucky draw numbers on a card. Then fill in the contact details on the e-form and submit it.

Lucky Draw dates:

The cash lucky prizes will be drawn at 11:00 (EST) on 6th October 2022 Thursday at 2B Birmingham Ave, Villawood, NSW 2163, and the winner list will be published on the Ettason website, and WeChat public account on 8th October.

The weekly lucky draw starts on 20th July and ends on 7th September (8 weeks total). It will be drawn every Wednesday, and the winner list will be posted on the Ettason website and WeChat public account every Friday.

The promoter is Ettason Pty Ltd ABN 47 002 837 390. Full terms and conditions can be viewed at and authorized under NSW Permit No. TP/01309.

Ettason Pty Ltd reserves the right to interpret the terms and conditions of this promotion.  The decision is final.

Go to your nearest Asian grocer to purchase! The more you buy the more chances you will win $8888!!




  • 一等奖,1位,可獲得現金澳幣$8,888。
  • 二等獎,5位,每位幸運顧客可獲得現金澳幣$888。
  • 三等獎,10位,每位幸運顧客獲得現金澳幣$688。
  • 每周驚喜獎:從7月20日開始,連續8周,每週抽取25位幸運顧客,獲得價值50澳幣的電子購物卡。





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