Are you the type of person that takes breakfast sandwiches on the go? Do you have limited time to make a sandwich as snacks in the morning or afternoon? Bread and sandwich spreads are the way to go.

Bread and sandwich spreads make sandwiches more flavourful and palatable. Why go back to eating only bread when spreads like peanut butter, black sesame, and honey exist? You can use more savoury fillings like bacon, lettuce, and ham in your sandwiches, but they take time and spreads make life easier.

Here at Ettason, we carry a variety of Asian bread and sandwich spreads to suit those with a sweeter palette. You can trust us to bring you the spreads you need when you buy in bulk at Ettason. We import and export Asian cuisine products to Australia and New Zealand, and with over 30 years of experience, you can trust us to deliver your products safely and timely.

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