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Cheap and instant noodles used to be for broke college kids, but now they’re celebrated as a full meal that a lot of people crave. The wide appeal of instant ramen, whether they’re sold in a cup, as dried block with a flavoring packet, or precooked, is that they’re convenient and easy to prepare. In fact, those with little to no cooking skills can make instant noodles themselves.

Ettason carries a wide variety of instant noodles from popular brands. We offer deals in bulk for reputable distributors, so they can get it at wholesale prices. Our instant noodles range from ramen, egg noodles, rice noodles, cup noodles, and other types of Asian noodles.

If you find yourself looking for an easy-to-prepare comfort food or seeking to expand your palette to a wider variety of flavors and brands, instant ramen noodles are always a perfect choice.

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