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Chinese wine is one of the most talked-about type of alcohol in China and possibly in the world. China is no stranger to wine made by grapes and presently, the country has one of the biggest markets for this type of alcohol. Drinking is popular in Asia including in China and Korea. In fact, the drinking culture is present everywhere and applicable to many types of social activities.

For your Chinese wines, Shanghai liquor, Korean alcohol, or any type of Asian liquor, Ettason has it for you. We have a selection of impressive wines and flavored liquors in variety of alcohol proof. We offer deals in bulk for reputable distributors looking for wholesale prices.

You never have to worry when you buy liquor online from Ettason. With over 30 years of experience in importation and exportation of Asian food brands across Australia and New Zealand, we have a complex and efficient delivery network to make sure that your products get to you safely and surely.

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