Hernan Brand of Durian Snacks

Do you absolutely love the taste and intoxicating aroma of the durian fruit? Now you can have your fill of delightful durian anywhere and anytime with our selection of Hernan durian snacks! Hernan is a Malaysian brand that’s established themselves as a champion exporter of delectable durian treats. Their products are made from the fresh fruits of their own durian orchard, and carefully prepared to produce high quality, mouthwatering durian products that people can enjoy the world over. Durian lovers all around the globe simply adore their wonderful array of durian desserts, which include durian mooncake, sweet dumpling, durian pancake, durian daifuku and mochi. These snacks can be enjoyed at any time of the day, as a special treat for special occasions, or as a delicious end to a meal. 

Get a taste of Malaysia’s king of fruits with our selection of Hernan durian products today! 

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