Frozen Foods

Frozen food products are just as nutritious as its fresh counterparts. In fact, freezing preserves the vital vitamins and nutrients in fruits and vegetables. This method of preservations allows you access to seasonal ingredients the whole year round. As for other food products like pre-made foods, keeping them in a frozen state makes them easier to transport and assures they go to their destination undamaged.

Ettason has a wide selection of frozen fruits and vegetables and other food products including ice cream, finger foods, pastries, meat and seafood, and pre-made foods like dumplings and fillets. Hankering for your favorite Asian ice cream or fruit like durian? You can get it here. We also have Asian favorites like crab sticks, fish cakes, and various hot pot ingredients.

Ettason is an experienced supplier of quality Asian food brands across Australia. We accept wholesale and bulk purchases for our products. For enquiries, please call us at (02) 9728 2288. For questions and concerns, you may send us an email.

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