CRK Frozen Food Products

Nothing adds an Asian feel to soups, stews and dishes quite like fish balls, chicken balls and pork balls, and Ettason has them all. We feature a great range of CRK frozen foods, including their delicious and meaty pork balls, chicken balls, and cuttle fish balls. We also have their pork cabbage dumpling and mushroom pork ball for those who prefer some lighter options. 

CRK’s food products are delicately seasoned and prepared to give you high quality, great-tasting products that are sure to be a wonderful addition to your meals. Put them in your favourite Asian-style soups and dishes, or serve them as a tasty appetiser along with your favourite dips and sauces. Whether you serve them at parties, get togethers or with simple, everyday meals, everyone is sure to love these tender and juicy meat balls in your dishes. Get them all only here at Ettason! 

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