Cooking Oil

Cooking oil is a staple in kitchens and it is used to cook meals including baking, frying, and other types of cooking. It can also be used in various food prepartion techniques like marinades and sauces. There is a lot of debate regarding which cooking oil is the best and healthiest, but the most important component should be that it should be stable when exposed to high heat and moisture.

Here at Ettason, we provide a variety of cooking oil and lard in a variety of quantities. Whether you need lard for deep-frying meats or need vegetable oil to sautee a vegetarian dish, we got you. Choose from our selection of products, and take advantage of our deals in bulk for reputable distributors looking for wholesale foods.

Ettason is a renowned distributor of Asian food brands across Australia and New Zealand and has over 30 years of experience in importation and exportation of quality goods. Whenever you need authentic Asian food products and ingredients, you can trust in us to deliver.

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