Coconut Food Products

Coconut trees are often dubbed as the “”tree of life”” because of its many useful uses. They are often only found in the tropics and is a memberof the palm tree family. It bears fruits called coconuts and its milk and flesh are often used for cooking and baking. The coconut in general is known to have multiple health benefits and is a staple in healthy meals.

Coconut milk, cream, juice, and, dessicated coconut, and other related products are in such big demand. If you’re looking for coconut products to use for your cooking and baking, Ettason can provide it for you. Shop from our wide selection of products online and we will make sure that it gets to you safely.

As a premier importer and exporter of quality Asian food brands in Australia and New Zealand, Ettason is a trusted name in the business with over 30 years of experience. Should you need assistance, you can call us at (02) 9728 2288 for enquiries.

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