Asian Canned Food

Canned food is a nutritious alternative for when particular fresh foods are out of season or are not available. Canned goods are convenient and are one of the enduring solutions to unnecessary food waste because they keep longer than their fresh counterparts.

Canning is a method where foods are preserved in airtight containers. While there is debate whether canned food is less nutritious than frozen foods, the method actually better preserves the nutrients in the food. If you are looking for your favorite seasonal Asian foods including fruits and vegetables, you can trust Ettason to provide it for you.

Whether you’re looking to run a food business or feed a large family on a budget, buying bulk canned food in wholesale quantities can save you a lot of serious cash. Not only do canned goods have an incredibly long shelf life, it can also satisfy the demand for seasonal foods. Call Ettason at (02) 9728 2288 for enquiries or send us an email for questions.

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