Allied Mills

Allied Mills is recognised as one of Australia’s leading producers of high quality flour, bakery premixes, specialty flours and other specialty grain products. With over 100 years in the bakery products industry, you can be sure that all of Allied Mills’ products are of the highest quality; made following the most stringent standards and using the finest ingredients to give you nothing less than the best-tasting baked goods.

From Allied Mills’ own flour mill they are able to produce a wide variety of delightful bakery products, including all kinds of flours; specialty flours like pastry flour and semolina; cake mixes, muffin mixes and more; as well as all kinds of bread mixes. They also supply pizza solutions including pizza flour and pizza mixes.

Allied Mills’ products are perfect for those in the food industry, as these are semi-finished products of the highest quality, and sold in big economical batches that always produce great tasting finished bakery products. When it comes to making baked goods, you can always count on Allied Mills.

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